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Property Management

At Landin Realty we have professional rental property managers to manage your property. We specialise in commercial property management so you as the owner, have your property tenanted and managed with the rent paid into your account on time every time.


At Landin Realty we have over 35 years of experience and we know how to achieve the best results for our owners. Invoices are sent on time to ensure tenants keep their rent paid in advance.

Follow up email, phone calls and SMS are issued if rent is not paid on time.

If these are not successful we call you to discuss the options. Whatever it may be all action is dealt with promptly and professionally.


A vacant property means no cash flow and is a risk in terms of vandalism.

As soon as the property is due for renewal or to be released it is advertised by our leasing & sales agents. Our agents know who are looking for new premises as they work in the market place every day. All advertising material is provided by Landin Realty, this includes: website listings, brochures, window display and sign boards.

You might be interested in selling as well. We can help you with that!

We have been successfully selling, leasing & managing property for over 35 years

Property Management Services

Accounting - Monthly statements and EFT banking are the basics.

Statements can be emailed or posted out.

Repairs and maintenance – We use local based businesses and trades people at reasonable prices. We do this work every day so we can arrange quotes and schedule work with the best contractors.

Fixed increases in rent (CPI) and other lease obligations are calculated and invoiced when required.

Compliance Issues - Depending on the property they may include Annual Fire Safety Inspections, OH&S reports, & Energy Efficiency Ratings.

Insurance - We use an experienced broker to source quotes for you.

Commercial property management is not a simple business as explained above. That should not however be your problem, that is why a professional property manager does the managing for you. That’s our job.

Landin Realty is an independent agency, focusing on commercial real estate throughout the Central Coast but not limited to just that area.  Landin has been successfully doing business for over the last 15 years and will continue to succeed in the sale, management and leasing of commercial property for many years to come.

Whatever you require whether it be leasing, sales, property management or advice you have experienced people by your side.

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